Overhead for GB Effects

I am rebuilding a site that currently has a mouseover effect that I am mimic’ed using GB Effects. These are used in Query Loops (background featured images) and Archive Templates (Featured Images).

What can I tell the owner as they asked how much this mouseover effect will slow down page loads?

Using GB Effects:
Hover: Brightness -40%
Normal: Transition 0.3 secs
Hover: Transition 0.3 sec

I am pretty the difference is insignificant but thought I should get an official answer from here. Not sure how I can even measure this but is there a statement that I can copy and paste to send to the site owner?

Thanks in advance!

The effects are generated using 100% dynamically generated CSS.
Its a tiny amount of CSS that will be added to site.
Theres no Javascript, frameworks or other resources to load.
So there should be no noticeable impact on performance.

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Thank you David! This is perfect!