Optimizing CSS When Using Lots of Blocks

I developed pages like this Herb Gardens | Gardener's Path to replace my categories pages. I haven’t yet replaced the category pages with them because the CSS is unwieldy.

The issue is that the same set of CSS is being reapplied over and over again to each individual card rather than just having one rule. It’s being injected into the header as inline CSS…so there’s a lot of redundant code there as a result. As is it’s the same 10 or so rules being repeated over and over again which could probably be reduced to less than 100 lines if it were optimized.

Is there way to easily fix this?

If you have a GB Pro license, then you can save Global Styles. And then one rule can be applied to all those elements.

Thanks. Yep I have a pro license…thanks for the direction…off to Google to see if I can figure out how to implement it lol.

No need to Google it :slight_smile:
There is a video here: Global Styles Demonstration and ther is documentation here?: Global Styles - Documentation