Multiple Query inside a query Loop

Is there any way to show in query loop below layout like 4 column 2 rows and so on with below format

Category Name
Post Title 1
Post Title 2
Post Title 3
Post Title 4

only available are post titles, and list of terms that not suitable for that kind of multiple query, any suggestion?

H @Lenmuel,

Do you have a sample site for reference or a sketch of how this would look like?

Ohh thank you so much for your response below is a sample

I see.

You can add a 4 column - 2 row GB Grid Block with a Headline Block and a Query Block inside each “column”.

The Headline Block will be static for the category titles.

The Query Blocks will have parameters to get a specific category.

yeah that’s already our approach but is there anything more dynamic?

With that setup, that’s the most ideal/possible approach.

Thank you for your help,

You’re welcome @Lenmuel!