Multipart Pages/Posts in Query Loop

When a QueryLoop retrieves a post that contains pagination (through insertion of page breaks) - it appears to cause that same pagination to appear at the bottom of the same page as the Query loop container itself. Has anyone else experienced this or could verify if they see the same behaviour please? All it would take is to make an existing post multipage…

Originally thought this was a WP-PageNavi clash but stripped that out and saw the same issue with GeneratePress’ own pagination. Also noted same with Twenty Twenty One theme. Everything else disabled.

any pointers or help gratefully received!

I’ve now setup a completely new site with generatepress, GP Premium, and Generate Blocks.

Exactly the same problem can be demonstrated here:

Sample Page – Test 02 - “a third post” is a multipage post. The three items on the page are generated by a query loop, and at the bottom of the page - the erroneous Page navigation links.

It would be great if this could be addressed please - as it will block the use of multipage posts on the site I’m developing which does require them. Note - same problem when mutipage pages are used in the loop as opposed to posts.


Hi @wychwoodweb

I can’t seem to replicate the issue on GB version 1.5.1.

Tried creating the same setup: Screen Recording 2022-06-28...

What version of GB are you using, and how exactly are you setting up the Query Loop Block?

Kindly let us know.


Was able to replicate the issue.

The issue seems to exist when the first queried post has pagination.

This will be fixed in GB version 1.5.2.

Thank you!

Just installed the update, fix works great - thanks for collaborating on this!

You’re welcome @wychwoodweb!