Modified List of Terms & Featured Picture Description

Hey Guys,

first of all, thank you for providing such a fantastic plugin :slight_smile: But I’m currently standing in front of a roadblock and I don’t know what to do :sob:


I can use “List of Terms” within a content loop. But I can’t find the option to set, how many terms there are displayed. Furthermore, it would be nice if I could set it to only display the primary term that I can select within the post.


The site I’m currently working on is a news site, so we often work with pictures from game developers or dedicated screenshot artists. We write the copyright of everyone into the description of the picture. Is there a way to add a new Dynamic Text Type so I can bring the description of the picture into the frontend?

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First: Still not supported, but we have plans to improve the list of terms to be more controllable in future versions.

You can add the image caption to load value from the media:

After that enable dynamic data in the caption block:

Hopefully, this can help you.