Migration of block content to another CMS

Hallo community,

while I am an enthusiastic Generatepress user for years, I have no experience at all with Generateblocks. Please, bear with me if my question is quite dumb.

I’ve posted the same question in the public WordPress support section. I thought it could be interesting for others.

Like so many I hate the Gutenberg editor. So, I’ve always stayed away from Generateblocks. However, now I had to try Generateblock for a customer site.

Working with Gutenberg is still a pain in the neck. But the more important question for me is: What happens, if I have to migrate the content to another CMS? As far as I can see, clean HTML is rendered dynamically. So, the content in the database contains all specific tags for the block editor, which would make a migration much more difficult and time-consuming. Is there an easy way to convert the block editor code to clean HTML?

A database search & replace would do the trick (not taking into account CSS in an external files). But with a lot of posts and complex layouts this might not be the safest method.

Thank you very much!


Tom answered the question in the public support forum. So, no need to post this here again.

Just another major flaw of the Gutenberg editor. I simply hate this thing.