Load more button

Hi, how can I add Load more button to posts section created via Querry Loop Block. There is first 6 posts set to be displayed, that´s okay, but I don´t see Load more button under these posts and I don´t know how to add it.

I have the Use Infinite scroll and Use button to load more posts turned on in the template blog settings.

Here is the website: https://muzeum.pacov.cz.

Thank you for your advice.

Hi @zdenek.klika,

That feature is not available yet in the GB Query Loop Block.

What you can do for now is add pagination by clicking the + icon in the toolbar while having the Query Loop selected.

Thanks for answer.

if i add pagination to posts everything works. However, when paging is pressed, the webpage loads again at the top, which is not clear for the user, because the posts section is bottom of the page.

Currently, that’s the default behavior.

In the future, team will explore AJAX to allow non-reloading upon change of page.

Ok, thanks for answer, hope for future update :wink:

You’re welcome @zdenek.klika!