Load Google Fonts locally

Hi, I am using a theme that already stores the google fonts locally. When using GenerateBlocks advanced typography settings of e.g. the GenerateBocks headline Block, and selecting a google font specific google fonts (e.g. Theme settings for h3 is Roboto, but one selects e.g. Big Shoulders Inline Display), Generate Blocks triggers an external google fonts request instead just loading the selected fonts which is also stored locally.

Request: Amid the GDPR regulation issue it would be better, if there is in option to “teach” GenerateBlocks to access the locally stored fonts, e.g. via the respective plugin settings.

I think that browsing Google Fonts from within the customizer is very convenient. But for compliance reasons it would be nice to able to download the font to wp-content and serve it from there.

For example Swedish authorities have recently been fined for transferring IP addresses to the US via Google Analytics. There is a risk that Google Fonts have similar problems.

With that said, I am not managing any websites for Swedish (or EU) authorities myself.