Load blocks on scroll down

Hi there, I’m not sure how this is called but is it possible with GB to load / show blocks when scrolling down the page? So at first the blocks are empty and when scrolling down the page they load (as a user I mean).

For example om this website the different blocks load when going down, and some items (the circles with hosting, domain name etc…) slide in from the side but not until the user receives that point in the site > https://www.nieuwewebsiteonline.nl

I hope you understand what I mean and that you can help me with it :wink:

Hi all, can anybody help me with the above question?


Hi Marcel,
As far as I know, this is not possible out of the box. However there is plugin that does this

If you are familiar with adding libraries and such, It’s also possible to integrate these styles manually https://animate.style/
I suggest to use this in conjunction with a child theme and / or GeneratePress Premium (Elements section)

Hope this helps

Hi Bianca, thanks for your response!
Besides your tip I got another one and I’ll post it here also: GeneratePress - Scrolling animation effects in GenerateBlocks Pro

I’ve tried this solution and it works, but you’ll need a paid version of GB.