Lists in a Grid of blocks - Bug? or misuse?

I’ve set up a responsive grid with blocks to layout an events schedule.
I am using lists and shortcode from Events Manager.
It’s working beautifully except for this one very weird bug: after the first item in the list (css set to list-style-type: none; ) ALL the subsequent items (events) in the list have a disc.
After the page is closed and reopened I notice the has moved from the end of the div in the last block to the end of the div in first block.

Is this a blocks bug, a misuse of lists in blocks, or a bug in generate blocks?
Is this generate blocks or the new Wordpress version?
For a hundred points → any ideas how I could fix it?
Much appreciated!

Not too sure what i am looking at there, but you cannot Open an element eg. <li> in one container and then close it </li> another.