Link Attributes on Dynamic Headline Block

When using Dynamic Data the link attributes are only available when using a button block. It would be great if they were on the Headline block too for opening links in a new tab.

Button block:

Headline block:

However, I also do not see these options in the headline at all (without dynamic fields being called).

I can see the link options on a standard Headline block if Dynamic Data is not enabled.

You are right, I just checked again. Seems like this only happens when you have activated the dynamic field first and disable it. The link option won’t return. When you switch to a regular heading and back to GPB then the link option is there again.

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+1, did anyone found a solution for this?

I think the current solution is still to use a button block with styles similar to your heading.

@Tom is this a bug in the Headline block? If you enable Dynamic Data the components-toolbar-group is hidden, but remains hidden if Dynamic Data is disabled.

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Thanks Jessefischer,
I got around the issue by setting the dynamic link on the container, there we can set the target too. Hope they will resolve this issue soon, maybe this discussion should be moved out from Feature request into “bug”, not normal you can do it on containers and button but not on headings, 3 component 2 different UX

The Headline block screenshot there is using the dynamic data settings in GP Premium. We’re going to start phasing those out now that GB has built-in settings.

We don’t have a “Link Control” for the Headline block like the Button block as they’re two different things. The Headline block using inline rich text to add links within the content (you can’t make these dynamic as of right now).

The Button block is a link itself, so we have full control over the element and can add additional attributes.