Integration with Meta Box

I recently purchased the plugin Meta Box (alternative to ACF) and asked the developer of this plugin to do an integration with GenerateBlocks. Since the developer is very dedicated, he has already added this integration to his Trello Roadmap. Please vote for this integration on Trello so that it can go into production as soon as possible. The more votes, the greater the chance that the integration will be ready as soon as possible. Here is the link to vote: Trello. Thanks a lot!

Remember to add this to the Feature requests area so it can be voted on.

BlueSquares, I added the request in the section you mentioned. But anyway, please be kind and give a vote on Trello. It’s the Meta Box roadmap there, so the developer will know we’re a strong community. Of course, I assume he will contact Tom if there is enough interest.
Many thanks at this point!