Inner container width width always centered

When I have a container and I set the Inner Container Width the inner container class is given margin-left: auto margin-right: auto automatically with no way to remove it. sometimes you might want or need a paragraph to be limited to say 400px wide and left aligned within a larger container. I have to add the following, am I missing a setting or is this an oversight by GB

.no-center .gb-inside-container {
margin-left: 0 !important;
margin-right: 0 !important;

Hi @nickfmc,

The current Container Block inserts an inside-container div inside the blocks HTML. This additional div, centers the blocks content and is what allows you to set an inner container width. eg, 1200px wide content whilst the background is full width. Currently, if you want to override this aspect of the inside-container, you would need custom CSS as you’ve done.

In the future, our team’s plan is to remove this inside-container div. Doing so will allow to do more with the Container Block.

I figured that was the reason. Or maybe adding a “content container block” or just a checkbox to the existing block for “content box?” ? - no inner container will be added and the content inside your block will not be centered