Inherited blocks with local override?

Hi community,

sorry for asking - pretty sure the answer is either in the documentation or on this forum but I have no idea even where to start or what to search for. And I have tried!

So I bought GB pro for the following to enhance my GP pro sites:

-create a “global block template”, let’s say it’s an affiliate box with a product to buy (image, title, description & link)
-use this block on different pages and overriding the template with a different product on a per-page basis
-the template should still be synchronized, I don’t want to convert it to a “local block” (disconnected from the template) per page. I still need to do global modifications such as colors, width etc. that need to update on all instances of the block
-but the contents need to be separate (per page and not all the same on all instances of this block)

It seems so easy but still I can’t figure out how to do this and can find no information on which feature to even look into…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Local Templates are GB’s equivalent of Patterns. When added to a post that instance becomes static. ie. it has no link to the Local template.

What you can do is:

  1. Create Global Styles
  2. Create a Local Template and apply your Global Styles.

Now any Local Template you add to the page will have blocks that are linked to the Global Styles.
Updating the Global Styles will update all the instances of those blocks in your posts.

This sounds very reasonable. I will try it asap!
Thanks for responding