Include posts for Query Loop block shows: No options

Hi there, I’m playing with the options of the new Query Loop block and most things work as expected. But I can’t find a way to display only a few specific posts.

Test 1:

Select post type: Pages
Added Parameter: Include posts

All pages can be selected in the dropdown.

Test 2:

Select post type: Posts
Added Parameter: Include posts

The dropdown just shows No options so no posts can be selected here

Is that a little bug or am I missing some option here?


Hi Jason,

That’s unusual. Can you try rebuilding your permalinks? Just go to Settings > Permalinks and hit save.

Hi Fernando,

Rebuilding the permalinks brought it a step further.

The Include posts dropdown now lists some posts which could be selected. But it looks like only the latest 10 posts are offered in the dropdown. I can’t select any other posts which should show up in the grid.

Do you have any further idea?


I found out another thing, which is probably related to this issue.

When trying to Exclude taxonomies and selecting one or multiple categories to exclude the Query Loop block excludes all posts in it’s Gutenberg preview. It just says No results found.

But on the frontend this setting works correctly and all posts except the excluded categories are shown.