Implement shapes via CSS so they can be set in Global Styles

Right now when you set up a Container as a Global Style, it includes elements like margins, padding, background colors etc - but any Shapes are ignored when that Global Style is applied in a page.

If Shapes were set up using pure CSS instead of via inserting them in their own using absolute positioning, I think they could be set in a Global Style. I’ve seen it done with ::after / ::before and masks holding the SVGs and would be happy to help / beta test if needed.


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Using masks is an interesting idea - I’ll have to look into that.

For now, we may be able to include shapes in Global Styles already, as I agree that shapes are styling vs content (like icons). We’ll take a look! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I used it on if that helps. Probably not exactly the same but it might be useful. I have the scss if you’d like it.