Image Block: Integrate a Caption

Hi there, I love the new Image Block. I was just wondering if it would be possible to easily add and format a caption that it is integrated in the block.

In the documentation I read that it is supposed to work with the Headline block to add a caption, but that can be a bit cumbersome when you just want to add a picture and quickly control margins and borders.

For example if I add an image and I select Float right, if it doesn’t have a caption integrated the image will float right and the headline block won’t float with the image.

Have you tried using the caption option here?: 2022-06-29_14-37-30.png

It should integrate with the image itself so you can float it etc…

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Super easy, thank you Tom, that makes sense.

I had no idea that button was for the caption. If it’s a GB thing I didn’t see it explained anywhere.

Thanks again!