Image block: how to disable, and point of feedback

I generally use the great plugin ‘Block Manager’ to enable/disable blocks globally.

I noticed it does not allow hiding of the GB Image block, it doesn’t populate the list under ‘GenerateBlocks’

Anyway, I would like to disable the Image block as it’s causing confusion for editors competing with the core Image block that shares the same name. Is there an easy way to do this?

Finally as part of this topic I wanted to suggest perhaps a renaming of the Image block – for example the Headline block vs Heading block are easier to differentiate and document vs the core block.


Hi @martym,

Are you able to disable it through preferences?: Edit Page “Generate Blocks ...

Also see: Edit Page “Generate Blocks ...

Kindly let us know.

Yes I can do that, however I’m trying to deactivate the block globally for all users.