Image Block: Caption line break

Hi there,
I don’t see how to define an automatic line break in the caption. It’s not possible to change the headline property to something like P or D. Due to this the image is moved depending on the length of the caption.

If I enable dynamic data link to single image, the caption is triplicated, two times with the link in 13px and 17px and one time without link.

In the code editor I see

<!-- wp:generateblocks/image {"uniqueId":"701a5b0c","mediaId":30105,"sizeSlug":"medium","alignment":"floatRight","alignmentMobile":"center","useDynamicData":true,"dynamicLinkType":"single-image","paddingLeft":"10","paddingLeftMobile":"0","htmlAttributes":[{"attribute":""}]} -->
<figure class="gb-block-image gb-block-image-701a5b0c"><img class="gb-image gb-image-701a5b0c" src="" alt="Antikes Rom Jupitertempel Kapitol" title="Antikes Rom Jupitertempel Kapitol"/><!-- wp:generateblocks/headline {"uniqueId":"376450b6","element":"figcaption","alignment":"center","fontSize":13,"isCaption":true} -->
<figcaption class="gb-headline gb-headline-376450b6 gb-headline-text">Aus „Geschichtsbilder“, Friedrich Polack 1896,<br>Wikimedia commons</figcaption>
<!-- /wp:generateblocks/headline --></figure>
<!-- /wp:generateblocks/image -->

One more thing. I tried now to add a dynamic caption but I got in the editor the message “Post source not found”

Hi there,

  1. Caption width - it would be helpful here if the Headline block had a max-width option. We’re working on this. For now, you should shift + enter to create a manual line break.

  2. Are you adding the dynamic link to the caption itself?

  3. I’m not able to replicate this. It should use the mediaId attribute of the image as the post source. Does it work on the frontend?

Hi Tom,

  1. ok
  2. no, the dynamic link is added to the image (see code above)
  3. I don’t know what the mediaIdattribute is and I see it neither in the image properties nor in the content selection. In the content source selection I can select caption, alt text, title, description