Icon sets on Github

We have been working on some icon set to be able to easily import from site to site. You can find them on GitHub here: https://github.com/EncodeDotHost/GenerateBlocks-Icon-Sets

We have two in progress starting with Font Awesome (split into categories for each group) and Zondicons (one group for full set).

Hope this is helpful to everyone else as well.


Just wanted to say thank you for this. We just had a support request for this exact thing - really appreciate you sharing it here :slight_smile:


I’m not a code and not a native English speaker.
How can I install those fonts on my GeneratePress?

I’m stuck on this page not knowing where to click and what to do:

Hi @Dek,

You would need GenerateBlocks Pro. Please open a new topic here for assistance: Support - GenerateBlocks