Huge issue with using GenerateBlocks

One major issue (especially for new users) is the total lack of decent documentation in the form of training videos. Your last video was over a year ago!!

These days relying on the likes of “the admin bar” and other channels to provide decent training is not really good enough ( Most top plugins and systems for Wordpress have a very active video channel with 100’s of useful comments.

I appreciate these forums, but a lot of the questions asked could easily be answered if you had decent up to date videos covering the subjects. I see the same questions over and over; a simple well created video would suffice in a lot of instances.

Although GP and GB provide a wonderful platform to create any website, your barrier of entry is “ease of use” for new users. They currently look for block plugins that offer 1000’s of predefined layouts and think that this is a ‘good thing’! Of course as the adage says “give a person a fish and you feed them for a day - teach that same person TO fish and they have food forever”…

There are so many stumbling blocks (no pun intended) with GB and GP and you have to hunt through very dated forums (most people these days are using Discord, etc.?) and rely on the ‘public’ to provide answers?

These products are very very good, but if you put potential buyers in front of GB they are pretty much lost in minutes or they feel that it does not offer enough scope for development. Of course they are wrong - but without a buzzing channel out there…? Your channel looks woeful (I mean the last video was a year ago!). Come on guys - with the sales you have, it should be brimming with tutorials, titbits, samples, howto’s, etc…

Anyway that’s my 10 penny worth… :wink: