How to Test Generateblocks Pro on staging website

We are planning to purchase Generateblocks Pro 1 site lincense, but we are confused on how about we go ahead and get whole theme (Generatepress pro) setup on staging website and then moved to live website?

As I understand 1 site license would prevent us from setting pro version on staging website.

Thank You.

There is no reason why you could not use it by installing via the zip file, then add your license for updates when the site goes live! (admin correct me if Iā€™m wrong?)
HTH, Dave

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Hello Dave, thanks for your response.

The live site and staging site have different urls, our site is already live, so we will only be moving themes and related files, in this case I dont think we can use license to activate on staging and then again have it activated on live as well.

I might be wrong, I want to understand how one can setup entire thing on staging and then move it to live for pro version.


Hello Deve,

I am sorry, I didnt read your comment properly, yes your solution was correct, I could simply upload the pro version zip have it setup on staging and then push to live and add license to live site only. This works perfectly!

Thank you so much!

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No worries, was going to reply earlier, but its the weekend :smiley:

The other thing is how you move the staging site to the live site ?

  • The total site ? ( I use All in One Migration )
  • New Pages ? (you can copy and paste a page from staging to live, as long as the same resources are in both sites)
    All depends on a number of factors ? let us know!
    Cheers, Dave

yes option 2, only moving pages. Since site is already live and has Elementor Pro. Bulky slow and outdated.