How to structure my landingpage

Hey friends,

first and most important I want to say that I am very happy with Generatepress and Generateblocks. After two years using Astra Theme I came back to Generatepress and it is definitely the right decision. Also I am now in the process of converting my 25 landingpages from Elementor to Generateblocks.

Please take a look here on my first landingpage build with generateblocks. The page is not ready yet, but I need some advise of how to structure the page most efficiently.

Currently I am using eight “master-container” for all important elements which are:

1.Header and Subheader
3.Advantages with bullet points and CTA
5.Benefits with bullet points and CTA
6.Full width sector
8.Productbox withe bullet points and CTA

Question: Is this a proper way to structure the landingpage?

And then I want use individual container for all important landing page elements.

For example:
Header-container with H1 and H2
Video Container including Vimeo Video
Benefit Container with bullet points
Advantages Container with info box:
etc. etc.

Please let me know if you could confirm this procedure.

Or are there better ways of how to structure my content on the landingpage?

Looking forward to hear your suggestions.

Thank you and best


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Here are some reputable resources for you. There is not going to be a bulletproof structure. Google Analytics offers a landing page report. Sometimes building a great landing page is trial, error, and user tracking.

Good luck!

Hey Bryan, thank you for you reply and the links.

But my questions is not regarding of how to build a landing page per se.

I would like to know if the internal structure of the page using GenerateBlocks is ok, as described above.

Thank you