How to show specific tags in post previews

Hello, I need to differentiate free and paid content or designs with a tag. The problem is that when trying to do it, all the tags associated with each post are displayed.

It is possible to show a specific tag in the preview of the posts. In this example, I use a page to show the previews of the posts. But they only show the featured image.

In this other example, you can see how premium designs differ from free designs.

Hi Domibit,

If you’re just showing text like paid and free, you can create a custom field for your themes. Then, if you set the field type to text, you can dynamically retrieve this through a Headline Block.

Reference if you use ACF to create the field: ACF | Text

Example: Edit Element ‹ fazarcon tes...

If you’re wanting to show an image like in your example, you’ll need custom code for this.

Hope this clarifies!