How to show menu on a page built with GB or how to get my regular menu on gb landing page

Hi there,

  1. I’ve finally built my homepage with GB but I found out that my navigation doesn’t arrive on the set page. I have set the page container as full width (if that matters) and I still want my default menu bar to be available. How can I do it?

Here’s the landing page URL:


  1. Can we have a blog roll with GB? If yes, how? If not, is it in the upcoming features list (to add a blog roll)?

  2. For demo sites (for example this site: Search), they have a "latest posts’ section in the bottom. Do these update when new blog posts are published to show the then latest two of the blog posts?

Secondly, can we import just that latest blog post block from that theme and incorporate it on our existing site with another theme (like marketer)?

  1. I have also created a footer for my above landing page. I want that footer to be available as it is throughout the blog as the footer. How can I do it?


  1. This sounds like a Theme related option that needs changing. Raise a topic in the GP forums and we can take a look.
  2. Not at this time. You would use the WP Show Posts plugin as this time if you want to add post list to a static page.
  3. No - Search is using some GB blocks to create those Post link blocks - again you would use WP Show Posts to display latest posts.
  4. Using GP Premium you would use a Block Element to create your Footer and select the hook: before_footer and display rules of entire site to display it across your site. If you need assist with that then again raise a topic in GPP support.
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