How to show both date and time for posts in query loop?


I need to show both date and time for each post in the Query Loop Block, but I can only choose “Post Date” in the Dynamic Data section for Post Template.

I have tried to insert a shortcode instead. It shows the correct date and time I want, but it shows the same for all the posts!

My code looks like this:

function wf_post_date_time( $attributes )
    $dateFormat = 'j. F Y \k\l. H:i';
    $postId = null;

        $dateFormat = $attributes["date-format"];

    if(isset($attributes["post-id"]) && is_numeric($attributes["post-id"]))
        $postId = $attributes["post-id"];

    return get_the_date($dateFormat, $postId);
add_shortcode( 'post_date_time','wf_post_date_time' );

What am I doing wrong? Or are there a better solution to achieve this?