How to make the left column overlap the right

Hello to all,

I am relatively new in using Generateblocks. I see all the potential but now I’m stuck.
I’m trying to recreate a design where the column that contains a title and text overlaps the image on the right.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I add here the visual of what I am talking about.
Photo 1 : what I have now
Photo 2 : what I would like to realize with the options of Generateblocks (and which is for the moment done in CSS)
Photo 3 : the structure of the section

Thanks to all for your help !
Have a nice day,

Hi @sdelon,

Try increasing the value or placing a high value of z-index for the Container Block with the text. Reference: Container Overview - Documentation

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Thanks Fernando for your answer !

You’re welcome, Stéphanie! Have a nice day!