How to Ignore sticky posts with GB 1.5 Query loop?

Hi there,
I’m trying to recreate a section named Latest posts with GB 1.5 Query loop (currently done with WP Show posts). My site is using sticky posts and I would like to exclude them from the Latest posts section.

In WP Show posts, there is an option Ignore sticky posts. Do you have any ideas how to do it with GB 1.5? In Query parameters, there is a parameter Sticky which limits the result set to items that are sticky. But how to exclude them?

Additionally, there is no difference on frontend when the option Sticky is active or not.

Thank you for any ideas,

@alena-bartesova that’s actually a bug, the Query Loop parameter “Sticky” is not functioning properly. I’m going to fix that on the patch 1.5.2 that will be released next week. Thanks

GitHub issue

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