How to Duplicate the Campaign blocks in the Donate site library

Hi. I’m working with the GPP Donate site library. The existing Campaign section of its home page is fine, but instead of one row of four columns, I need three rows of those (thus text/photos for 6 campaigns). How do I duplicate the existing row in GB to create that? Thanks.

Select the parent Container Block that has the two text/image columns within.
Then on the Block Toolbar > 3 dot menu - select Duplicate.

That’s what I thought, but for some odd reason I am not able to find the parent Container Block. I will look around again. Thanks.

It seems like that particular section of the page has no container… just the four column blocks in one row. I can find containers easily for everything else on the page. Could you look at the Donate site library template to confirm? Thanks.

There is a Container Block, within that is the Grid Block, with the 4 inner containers.

Thanks David for your help. I still didn’t find where to click that particular container (unlike other containers) but basically I solved it with this workaround: duplicating the individual items in that grid four times and then reordering them. :slight_smile: