How to best design such a page with Thumbnails?


I would like my visitors to click on a menu item and see “thumbnails” of all the related pages, like on this site?

As you can see, I selected the menu item “bien-etre” (on the off canvas sidebar menu) and the page displays thumbnails for all the child pages.

I’m not a developper myself and I’m not sure:

  • if they used Categories for that or if they have created the layout using Containers blocks?
  • what is the best way to create such a page?

My constraint is the following => I want to have a very clear SEO semantic structure where:

  • Each Parent page does correspond to a menu item (on the off canvas page)
  • Each child page is connected to its parent page

How can I best create such page displaying the Children pages for each of my Parent pages?

I could simply switch to the same theme as the related site but I’m in love with GP and GB and I want to stay with them.

I hope the description of my issues is clear enough.

Thank you to the great support team here and hi to all GB users,