How to apply styleguide - best practice?

Hey there, hope you’re all well :slight_smile:

I need to apply the styles from to my clients site Start DEV #3 Kadence – Blue Ocean Business Club and currently use the Kadence Theme, where I can define global settings for H1-H6, Global Colors and other few things.

For elements like sub-heading-heros, quotes, lists etc. I’d like to use GenerateBlocks Pro Global Styles feature. But I’m a bit confused about the best practice, because in the docu-article about global-styles it says:

“Don’t bloat your Global Styles. Try to keep things simple – every GenerateBlocks block inside a Global Style will generate CSS on your pages, so “Draft” un-used Global Styles in a single Global Style entry if needed.”

So how to apply multiple font-styles within one Global Style asset?

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Hi there,

You can add multiple Headline blocks to one Global Style entry and name them differently. Then you can choose from those added Headlines when you’re building your pages.

The “Don’t bloat your Global Styles” simply means that if you’re not using a block in one of your Global Styles, you should remove it. If you’ve added a new Global Style entry and none of the blocks inside of it are in use, you should draft that entire Global Style entry.

Simply put (or at least I’ll try): Every GB block you add inside a Global Style “post” or “entry” becomes a Global Style and is added to the Global Styles stylesheet. So keep them to a minimum and don’t keep a bunch of un-used blocks in there.