How to add a read more button in query loop?

I’m in the process of rebuilding a site in GPP (this one was in Thesis) and though I was very comfortable with WP Show Posts Pro, I’m having a bit of a hard time translating all that into the query loop in the latest GBP. (desperately need more documentation and/or videos!)

I’d like to make “read more” into a button - and not just on this site. I have a boatload of sites that will need to be updated from WP Show Posts to using the new query loop. I tried…but it just doesn’t work.

I used the provided two column layout on the home page - which works well, other than the lack of button, and then gave it a whirl with the blank query loop on another test page to see what I could do. Not only could I not get a button that had the correct link on it (the one there now is just to the first post - for every post, so clearly it’s not changing depending on which post it’s on), I also can’t seem to get the colours working correctly: the button is green, but the text is not the chosen white. Will also want the buttons to align on the bottom of the post (have various bits of code from previous sites, but haven’t tried any of them here yet)…

Hi @PaddyD,

How are you adding the Button?

If you add a Buttons Block, and set the Button Block within to have its Link Source as single post as such: Edit Page “Home” ‹ fazarcon... , you should have a read more button that links to the corresponding post.

Changing the color of the Button through its Block settings should also reflect in the front end. If you’re doing it the same way and it isn’t working, there might be a caching issue. Try clearing all caching mechanisms set in your website.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Thank you, Fernando! I’d completely missed the dynamic data button (I was pretty sure it had something to do with it - but missed that it was in fact there) - so that problem is now solved!

(I’ve started updating all the posts on the home page - you can see that the button is now working properly. Colour issues vanished too.)

I hope someone is working on a more detailed documentation of the query loop - or maybe a video. It would be really helpful for those of us who’ve been using WP Show Posts. :wink:

For aligning the buttons on the bottom of the post, I used the instructions and code here: Grid items with different content heights & aligned bottom block

So all mysteries solved for now! Thanks, as always!

You’re welcome PaddyD! :slight_smile: