How do this GP & GB (layout AND site structure)


I have been using GP for a few months but I still quite new to blogging and Wordpress.

I would like to know if I can reproduce this layout with GB and GP.

A - Here is my first question: STRUCTURE

  1. As you can see, there is URL named Archives des Manga - 5livres
  2. But if I click on the first image with the basket ball, the URL is then: Les 5 meilleurs mangas de basket - 5livres
  3. Conclusion, the URL Les 5 meilleurs mangas de basket - 5livres is NOT a child page of Archives des Manga - 5livres, which sounds a bit weird to me in terms of SEO structure.

Question: are all the articles collected and displayed on Archives des Manga - 5livres there because of Category Tag? Or are they pages linked manually?

B - Here is my second question: STRUCTURE
Using GP and GB, how to get articles collected under such a page with this layout:

C - How can I reproduce the same visual effect on the thumbnail/image?

Thank you for your guidance.

Hello @Dek,

A - Yes, you can have your URL set up exactly like that site.

For the post URL (Number 2 example) you can easily change your permalinks.
Go to WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks > Permalink structure and select Post name option.

For the category Manga (Number 1 example) there are a couple of ways you can achieve that. I think the easiest way for you would be to use an SEO plugin (Like Yoast) they have an option toggle to remove the category prefix from the URL.
This one is not related to GP/GB directly, it is a WordPress configuration.

B - That page in question is an archive page for the post category manga, and it is auto-generated by WordPress. You can control its look with GeneratePress options.

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Hello @JeanPaiva ,

Thank you for your help.

A - Actually, I knew all of what you said already for A . Maybe I’m not expressing myself clearly. I’m actually wondering if I should create a Post or a Page?
Are both Archives des Manga - 5livres and Les 5 meilleurs mangas de basket - 5livres pages or posts? I cannot view the source, so I’m not sure.

Then, I don’t know how to create a layout that will automatically display all the “posts” or “pages” from the same category (let’s the Manga category) on the same page?

B - You say the page is an Archive page. What is an Archive page? I mean, compared to a Category page?

C - Could you please share some guidance on how to control the way it looks.

  1. First, how do I make sure all the “pages” or “posts” will be displayed on the same “Archived page” like on the screenshot, that is, with a a rectangular thumbnails and 2 pages per row?
  2. Then, how can I get a white title on a transparent black ribbon? And positioned at that same place on the thumbnails?

I need to be able to do it once or twice and them I will have understood the concept and settings to use in GP and GB.

Thanks again

I’ll try to give you a complete answer.

/manga is an archive page generated from the category “Manga”. If you know the “Blog” page which gives you your latest posts, an archive page is exactly the same but with some custom filtering, in this case by post category, so it displays only posts that belong to the category “Manga”.

This page is auto-generated by WordPress, you don’t need to create this page. If you go to your post categories and click “view” you will see the page. But, the default WP will give you this URL /category/manga in order to remove the prefix, as I said before the easiest way would be to use an SEO plugin to remove that prefix from categories. (I know the Yoast plugin has a toggle for that).

/meilleurs-mangas-basket/ is a normal WP post. You should just create your posts, add them to the correct category and they will be shown in the category’s archive page by default.

For the looks part, if you have GP Premium you can go to the customizer > Layout > Blog. There you will have a lot of options to stylize your archive pages, set them to 2 columns, display or hide certain contents, and much more. Check blog content layout documentation for more information.

Also, if you are new and need help with GeneratePress our Support Team is the best, they should be able to help you better than I. GeneratePress support forum

Hopefully, I was able to give you some help, instead of confusion. Cheers mate, and have a great week.

Dear @JeanPaiva ,

Wow, your explanations are crystal clear. Thank you so much. You have the pedagogical skills of a teacher.

I already knew about how to remove the category prefix using Yoast, but I was not sure about the Archive pages. For me, the term is misleading since archive means “documents stored and not to be used regularly”, which is not true when you want visitors to visit them as often as possible.

I want to customizer > Layout > Blog and I saw the option to set the post to 2 colums.

But how can we design blocks like this:

Do we need to use special GenerateBlocks or else?

Thanks again for removing the confusion. A pleasure.