Headline Blocked as an inner block disqualifies the parent when auto generating an excerpt

It seems that if I add a headline block inside a container, the following disqualifies the content from being used in the auto generated excerpts.

WordPress Core v5.6
line 608: // Skip the block if it has disallowed or nested inner blocks.

excerpt_remove_blocks( string $content )

Parses blocks out of a content string, and renders those appropriate for the excerpt.

This is a bug in WordPress I think. I believe this is the trac ticket: #46133 (Parse blocks to generate the excerpt) – WordPress Trac

That ticket is marked as resolved, 22 months ago.

FWIW, my developer opened a new track ticket #52427 (Enahnce excerpt_remove_blocks to ignore disallowed inner blocks but not exclude the parent block entirely) – WordPress Trac