Have featured image link to its page in a Query Loop?

Hi. I was having some issues with WP Shows Posts, and learned I might want to use the new Query Loop block instead.

But the way we were using WP Show Posts was just showing the featured image for pages within certain taxonomies, and nothing else, and those images had links to their pages.

Using Query Loop though, I used the featured image grid option, then deleted out the title, descriptions, date below. But the featured image does not have a link to the page like it used to in WP Show Posts.

Is there a way to achieve this, where the featured image is a link to it’s page?

We have lots of these already around our site in a reusable block using WP Show Posts, and it would be wonderful to get it working correctly with Query Loops.

Unfortunately I cannot share a link to the site with an example because it is in development and the DNS address is not pointed to it yet.

Thanks so much!

I figured it out. For anyone else with this issue, click on the image, and then under the block settings, Link source, select Single post.

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