Grid or Containers to Lightbox / Gallery

I’m using a Grid with containers to layout a staff page. There is the need to show a bio but not take up a ton of space. It would be awesome to offer dynamic view options so if I want to link to a Bio in a lightbox, it would be the same container but with more information (like the Bio expanded, maybe add email and social).

Would appreciate any ideas in the meantime on how to put something like that together. Thanks!

@martym I have exactly the same need but with a different user case.

We are building a “Hotel” section using the Query Loop, which is great for picking up the post meta (featured image, excerpt, etc), however at the end of the excerpt it gives a “Read More” link which I would like in a lightbox rather than open in a new page.

Example: England v Argentina and England v Japan 4* Tour - Venatour

I’m thinking that something could be done with Buttons => Button => Dynamic Data => Post Meta but can’t figure a way to achieve it.

Anyone on the GenerateBlock team seen this scenario before? Ideas?

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Interesting use case there. Would be interesting to see if the devs have any insight on how to accomplish something similar.

@martym Not sure if you are still looking for a solution, but I have put together a first version of a possible plugin: GitHub - EncodeDotHost/gb-lity-lightbox: A WordPress plugin, specifically for GenerateBlock Pro, to add a simple lightbox to a container link

After installing this and the GenerateBlocks Pro Plugin, all you need to do is add the class “gb-lity-lightbox” to a container which links to the URL you would like to embed. YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps links will be automatically handled.

This was built from the base of the solution by @fernandoazarcon2 and @joeldeteves here: Apply Custom Attribute to dynamic link on container

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