Grid not displaying correctly

A blessed day,

I am just wondering, we use a query loop to show child pages content within current parent pages, however the grid are not rendering correctly inside the parent page. May we know how to fix it?

Hi @Lenmuel,

How does it look like? Can you share a link to a page in question?

There’s no posts showing for the Query Loop. Are you sure the parameters you set should be retrieving posts/a post?

What are your parameters?

it will show when you clicked in the tabs

I see. How should they look like? Can you take a screenshot of how it looks like from your end, and how it looks in the editior?

This is how it looks in the backend

And then we use Javascript in order to show and hide the post content, but it is not the problem within the JS but it is where the post content are being shown inside the parent posts

This is what it looks like in front end

The grid wrapper are not working

Where can I find this specific section in your page?

when you clicked this it will show

How should it look like?

It looks like this from my end for instance:



Are you seeing something different?

It seems you didn’t click each of the tab I mentioned above, when you clicked especially the last one, you see below

It should be look like this if you check the actual post content

you see that the styling from the child post content are broken when querying inside the parent posts

I see.

I don’t see that however from my end. When I click the last item, the buttons disappear, and nothing is appearing.

If you try to temporarily remove your script, and remove any custom CSS added, does the issue occur?

Is this the link you’re checking

right now we manually updating the CSS to correct it because the styling that already set are not working inside the query post content

Yes, that was the link I was looking at.

That’s odd. Were you able to try disabling non-GP plugins temporarily to test?

Sorry for the not responding, yeah, we try but it seems the same, we only program the tab style on it on javascript like show and hide items when inactive

We found another problem like we have global style for container, namely, section containers( constrained width) and full width,

When we have active container set to full width the tab breaks. and it’s not showing the post content inside query block

Can you try temporarily disabling/removing the script or plugin you have for the tabs, and then check if the Grids and Containers are working as expected?

A blessed day,

Yes we already did what you ask us before to disable anything except for the geenerate blocks