Global Styling on Containers not working

I setup a simple container with 0, 40, 40, 40 with a width of 1140

When I go to a new page and select 'use global style" and then select the one style I have, the width and padding are not the same as I mentioned above

I did regenerate css file just incase.

The local block won’t show the settings from the Global Style in the options area. This is because you can still set custom settings for the local block. The local block has no settings at all, so it doesn’t have to generate any CSS. It will simply use the settings from the Global Style and use the existing CSS.

This means you can still apply local settings to the block to add to/overwrite the Global Style settings.

@Tom so you are saying that the styles should display correctly in the front end, but you wont see those changes in the backend? I am ok with that if thats the case, but from a ‘typical’ user that might be a little confusing as there might be some expectations to see those global styles within the block settings after selecting the global styles option.

An example would be like above, creating a global container with a width of 1200px, then a regular user going in, selecting global style and seeing what appears the container is set at 1100px. They then set the container to 1200px. Would that generate additional CSS for that unique Block ID?

Hello Tom,
In this case, if I want to use a global style on an existing block, should I reset that block? if so, should I do it manually or there is a button that will reset the whole block so it doesn’t generate or load any extra CSS.


@465media You should absolutely see the Global Styles in the editor as long as the local block doesn’t have its own values.

For example, check out the video here: Global Styles Demonstration

@AbdullaAlSinani If that block has existing styles, you will want to reset them. I’m looking at an “easy” way to do this within the Global Style options for 1.1.0. Right now you would have to manually reset things/create a new block.

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Hi @Tom I had watched that video and thats why I started the conversation. Sorry, not sure where the disconnect might be.

Back to my original post then. When I go to a new page, add a container and select 'use global style", the width and padding are not the same as as the one created. the local block DOESN’T have its own styles, it is a brand new container added to a page. See the screenshots.

The screenshots are of the options themselves - those aren’t going to populate when you choose a Global Style (or else they’d become local styles).

You should see the actual block update its styling (in your content). If not, something is up. Are you using the latest version of GB and GB Pro?