Global styles have unnecessary hassle involved in using them

Heya, I posted this a while back into GeneratePress’ forum, but now that I’m here (thanks David!), i’ll repost - it’s an important matter.

Please add a “Inherit all styles”-button below the per-block global styles switch and show it when the switch is turned on and a global style is selected. The button would then remove all local block settings and THEN you could finetune the block if needed.

It bends my mind that a global style, when assigned, gives way to the very things you wanted the global style to contain! x) With the above switch method, both use cases would be covered - Global as in inherit Global but keep local settings AND Global as in empty local settings and inherit all.

You could then also easily reset the block back to the global template by pressing the “Inherit all styles” button again.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion!

Definitely going to happen in the next feature release. The only question is whether it’s a Global Style specific feature, or if a “reset all options” type of button would be useful as an option in the “Advanced” panel regardless of using global styles. Both is probably the answer.

Thanks again!


I think “Remove all local styles” makes more sense that “Inherit all styles” but the functionality suggested is on point.