Global styles for grids

The new global styles feature is great but I’m having issues with grids:

  1. When I set a Global Style on a grid, it doesn’t seem possible to make an grid block instance inherit horizontal spacing from the global style. I.e. it displays the value 30 in the field, and if you delete it, it changes to 0, so you can’t make it blank to inherit.

  2. If vertical spacing value is blank on the grid block instance, it does not inhertit the vertical spacing value from the global style.

  3. Grids don’t seem to have the usual styling options, for example Spacing, so there is no way to set a top/bottom margin on a grid. Maybe this is expected though.

  4. When you create a global grid style, its container columns get treated as global elements too and clutter up the global container namespace. For blocks like the grid containers, maybe there should be an option to exclude them from being a global style. Otherwise if you have say 10 global grid styles with different column amounts you could end up with a ton of unwanted global containers in the drop-down.


Hello Ben,

I have the same thing with the grids, the global style doesn’t apply.

for the 4th point, I created one grid only, and then inside it I have multiple containers each with different style. so you don’t have to create a grid for each container. combine them inside one grid.

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I’ll take a look at this - Grids themselves don’t have a ton of “styling”, so it may make sense to exclude them. However, first I’ll see if it’s possible to fix the issues you’ve highlighted, as it would be nice to be able to use the few styling options they do have.


We just released GB 1.3.2 and GBP 1.0.3 which should address the majority of issues with Grid global styles :slight_smile: