Global style or reusable blocks


I am working on my new staging site. And I want to make global style container or reusable blocks. Basically I want to create many pages for different products, similar to below URL:

I tried to create one global style container, but it didn’t appeared 100% and I had to add the SHAPES again at the global style container. Was there any mistake from my side?

I have designed the Product Page for one of the Machine, now I want to use similar container, blocks with different content and image for other machines too.

Pls guide me.

Global Styles only hold CSS styles eg. padding, colors, typography etc.
Shapes and Icons are actually stored as content, so they are not saved in the Global Style and have to be added at the page level.

Okkay. Nice to meet you David Sir here also.

Thanks, I got it.

How to mark it as resolved?