Global style does not include shapes?

I created a Global style that consists of a Container + Grid + Container. The outermost Container is set up with a background color, top shape, bottom shape, and some custom padding/margins.

When I use this Global Style, however, the Shapes do not get added. The color, margin, padding etc do.

Is there a way to also bring over the Shapes? those are the hardest part as they have so many of their own settings. :slight_smile: Thanks!

You can create a Local Template that has the Global Styles and Shapes applied and use that as your base. Note though that modifying a template does not change the instances already added to a page.

Global Styles do not bring across content (shapes or icons). I wish they did though, because it would make changing them a lot easier!

Also, I’m not sure how familiar you are with Global styles but they only apply to the one block they are applied to. There is no inheritance or relationship for styles of nested blocks.

Good to know, and agreed! I just realized that shapes are being added in their own <divs> inside the containers - youch. I wish they were applied via CSS ::after / ::before instead, it’d make them so much more portable. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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