GenerateBlocks/Generate Press Performance vs Avada

So I just completed the migration from Avada to GeneratePress/GenerateBlocks. This was a multi-stage rollout where I first converted each page manually to GenerateBlocks. Once all pages were converted, I switched over to the GeneratePress theme. (My thoughts go out to any other designers out there dealing with this switch.)

Along the way, I took note of the Pagespeed/GT Metrix/Pingdom performance scores and I wanted to share them with the community. Here are the results from one of the most important pages.

Avada with Avada Fusion Builder
Pagespeed Desktop: 24
Pagespeed Mobile: 4
GTMetrix: D 56%
Pingdom: D 64

Avada with GenerateBlocks Builder
Pagespeed Desktop: 36
Pagespeed Mobile: 17
GTMetrix: D 67%
Pingdom: D 65

GeneratePress with GenerateBlocks Builder
Pagespeed Desktop: 63
Pagespeed Mobile: 69
GTMetrix: A 95
Pingdom: D 66

I’m still getting poor scores, but that’s due to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Analytics, Endorsal and other 3rd party scripts that are slowing down the website. Those are another work on progress that will take some time.

I’m extremely happy with the overall performance of GB/GP. Although these numbers don’t seem great, the overall speed of the site has increased significantly. It’s so nice to finally be free of Avada.

Thats awesome to see - thanks for sharing.
You may want to checkout:

For YouTube deferred loading: WP YouTube Lyte – WordPress plugin |
For local loading of GA: CAOS | Host Google Analytics Locally – WordPress plugin |
And for deferring other 3rd party scripts: Flying Scripts by WP Speed Matters – WordPress plugin |

OR Invest in Perfmatters which does a lot of those things and more:

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Since writing this, I actually invested in PerfMatters to disable unnecessary Javascript and tweak performance. I’ve brought the score even higher now…

Pagespeed Desktop: 98
Pagespeed Mobile: 78
GTMetrix: A 98
Pingdom: D 66 (I’ve given up on Pingdom lol)

However, those links you provided are filling in the missing gaps I needed for YouTube. Thanks!!

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Last update. After delaying more javacript, adding video façades, tweaking Litespeed cache, optimizing images and disabling some javascript-hungry plugins, I’m now in the green.

Pagespeed Desktop: 98
Pagespeed Mobile: 92
GTMetrix: A 99
Pingdom: C 71

Thanks so much for this incredible theme and page builder!