GenerateBlocks Dymanic Data vs Dynamic Options

So I’m not facing any catastrophic issues here. I only want to ensure that the layout I’m working on is future-proof.

I use the “Enable Dynamic Data.” more often than the “Dynamic Options” in the floated toolbar; however, the current option I’m looking for
“list of terms → taxonomy → category.”
is only available, as you can see in the attached image, via the “Dynamic Options.”

Note: the categories and tags do exist.

What will happen to the layouts that use the “Dynamic Options” in the floated bar ? as I read somewhere in the forum that it will be deprecated in favor of the “Dynamic Data”.

Hi @kapreski,

Are you using this in a GPP Block Element? If so, can you use the GPP Dynamic options instead?

Reference: Dynamic Data - Documentation

Hello Fernando,
Yes, I’m using it in a content template element.
I can use the Dynamic options instead, but I would like to know what’s causing the issue
and what will happen to my layout when the “Dynamic Options” gets deprecated.

Setting the source through GB dynamic options to “list of terms works” on Data Source - Post Type and on Query Loops. It also works if you use it directly on a specific page.

Otherwise, on Elements, the one that currently works is the GPP dynamic option.

These two features work similarly but are from different plugins. We currently have no plans to “deprecate” the dynamic option in GPP.

Glad to hear that!
Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, @kapreski! :slight_smile: