Generateblocks and AMP


Is Generateblocks compatible with AMP?

I ask this, since I changed my page to Generateblocks. Create some boxes with generateblocks where I show tips and notes, these boxes contain SVG icons on the left to make them stand out and a background color.

In the normal version of my website they are shown correctly, when seen in the AMP version the SVG icon looks very large that it even leaves the page ruining the design, in addition to the fact that the colored background of the boxes is not shown.

Is there a way to fix this?

I leave a sample for you to see the problem:
Normal version:
AMP version: Como agregar un Botón de Contacto de Telegram en Moodle - EVirtualplus

In the AMP version you can see the problem in the icon of the star that is too big.

I would appreciate the help.

P.S. I have the premium version of generateblocks, but I post it here since I think it may help others, if the moderators consider that I should open a ticket, let me know.

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Have you had any joy yet? I was wondering whether or not GeneratePress/GenerateBlocks was compatible with AMP too. Like you I have the premium versions of both, but couldn’t see any other threads about them.