GeneraeBlocks 1.7.0

Hi there!

I am very interested to know when the new generateblocks version will be released.

I am going to start a new web project and I want to do it with the new features that I have seen that the new version will include because it will make my work much easier.

Until the new version is released can I download the alpha or beta version from somewhere?

Hi there,
1.7 pre Alpha can be accesed on Tom’s Github account.
But don’t use it on a live site, just for testing…

HTH, Dave

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This caught my eye:

Tweak: Remove tag name from CSS selectors

What will it mean?

GB 1.7 and GB Pro 1.5 are going to be released beginning of next year but we don’t have a release date yet. Public alpha should be available in January.

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Thank you for the information!

I have started testing the alpha version that Dave pointed me to, and I found the new layout options awesome, I can’t wait to install the final version as soon as it comes out.

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I viewed this preview of GenerateBlocks 1.7.0 on YouTube and whoa. If I get this right, options for layout can really simplify global styles and local patterns for things you use regularly.

A huge question here will be this:

It’s a no-brainer to create new layout structures with the flex options to avoid combining grids and containers but… what about converting existing layouts?

It already sounds painful and time-consuming to apply a new structure of blocks and global styles on existing content - think static pages or elements that are hooked in. I’ve done that for one type of element recently, to improve its layout, and it took hours. Even when using local patterns to spare manual work.

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There’s an option to migrate the legacy container to the new version manually. We tried a one-click solution for all pages, but it wasn’t stable enough. So, it can be done, but manually for each container, cause each use case might require a different configuration.

We are going to be migrating all library patterns once this version is released.

The system itself tries his best to give you the best solution of migration, but it depends a lot on the context of the usage.