GB Query Loop Block with FacetWP Load More Button - Loads Same Posts Over

I seem to be having an issue with integrating a FacetWP load more button on a page using the new GB query loop block. The query loop is set to display 12 posts per page. But when I click the Load More button, it loads the same 12 posts again (for a total of 24 posts displayed, but including duplicates). Any idea how I might be able to resolve this issue?

I have been in some communication with Matt at FacetWP regarding this. He sent me an email including the text in this screenshot:

Is he correct that the page number is being set with the code on that line 395 (see below)?

`$page     = empty( $_GET[ $page_key ] ) ? 1 : (int) $_GET[ $page_key ]; // phpcs:ignore -- No data processing happening.`

If so, is he correct in suggesting an ideal of "listening for WP_Query’s “paged” var instead? Are there benefits to how the GB Query Loop is doing page numbers? Any issues with changing to use the “paged” var?

That would be correct if we were using the inherited loop from WordPress. However, since these are custom loops (and we can add more than one loop per page with their own pagination), it’s not possible to use that variable.

We’re doing things exactly like the core Query Loop block - I’m curious if it has the same issue with FacetWP or not.

Okay, I have briefly tested with the core query block. It seems that the FacetWP Load More button functionality has the same problem with the core query block. So I am going to say that this issue appears to be something that needs to be dealt with on the FacetWP side of things.