GB Pro Update failed


I just discovered, that GB Pro (still using 1.0.3) is not able to update. I tried five times with different browsers. I get a message by cloudflare, that my website discovers performance problems with an overloaded background task, database or application. Sometimes, I get the message “unauthorized”, but in GenerateBlocks / Settings / License Key it is shown in green, that I am allowed to receive updates.

I am on a oversized private server. The resources do not look stressed, at all.
Website response time is average, but I discover slow page load in the backend with the list of plugins for example.

What could be the problem?

  • Server slow (don’t think so)
  • Wordpress Core slow (don’t think so)
  • Some Plugin slowes down the system (hope not)
  • Problem with the server of GenerateBlocks Pro (???)
  • other

Help appreciated…


  • I just changed my license registration website from www;name;com/de/ to www;name;com I thought this could be the issue.
  • Now version 1.0.4 is not available any more.


  • Now, version 1.0.4 is available again
  • All other plugins have been updated successfully


  • Now (don’t ask why…) update 1.0.4 happened
  • Other plugins refuse to update
  • It’s not a GenerateBlocks issue


  • My Webhost has a problem with DNS-Reslovers.