GB Pro save as local template

If you’ve built a Block Element in GB Pro and then want to re-use it as a starting point for other similar Block Elements, what is the right strategy for then saving that Block Element as a Local Template.

Would be great to have a “Save as Local Template” option in the … menu while a given block is highlighted.


That would be a cool feature - noted!

Right now you would need to copy the block and manually paste it into a new Local Template :slight_smile:

Appreciate the feedback!

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Until this is implemented (which I hope is really soon), I found a workaround here:

The workaround I posted for this problem is not spam.

BlueSquares - That’s an awesome tutorial. Thanks! I had been saving the black as a Gutenberg block and then trying to move it to GB Pro’s Local Blocks, but that caused some feature loss. Your way is orders of magnitude better.