GB Pro Global Style with GP

Hi all,

I have created a test Global Style, and tried it on a test page. But some part does not seems to be displaying (i.e. text and picture). For advise, pls.

As I am not permited to embeed more than one image, please see attached links



Global Styles do not include content (text, images, icons, and shapes).

You would need to create the styles for the container (spacing, color, etc.) and then create your own Local Template. Note though that this content is still not global. Changing the template will not change the blocks that have already been added to a page.

If you do want the same content to be used in multiple places and updating one will update the others then you will need to look into creating a Reusable Block.

Global Styles
Template Library
Reusable Blocks Guide

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ok thanks for the advise